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...without hours spent on the treadmill or eating fish and brown rice from Tupperware every 3 hours

Using my EXPRESS Workout System, I'll show you how to lose the belly and build a LEANER & STRONGER body in less than 2 hours per week.

Lots of guys struggle with weight loss, and gaining muscle, and just building an all round healthy looking body. Feeling sluggish every day, lacking in confidence and energy, too embarrassed to take your t-shirt off in public. As men, we let our egos get the better of us, putting our work, and family life first, which of course you should be doing, but often its at the expense of taking care of ourselves. In fact, taking care of ourselves is often the least of our priorities until it's too late and we're forced to do something about it.


If it were as simple as going to the gym and following a diet, everyone would be walking around with six packs. It's hard work to change your body, and it's even harder to sustain it. But it is much easier when you have a structured plan to follow to fits in with your busy lifestyle and a support network to keep you motivated.

The SECRET to sustainable results is not only following a plan, but it's your COMMITMENT to change who you are, and UNDO some of the habits that have got you to hear.

Are you COMMITTED TO CHANGE? This picture below was my "enough was enough" moment when I made that commitment...

And I never looked back!
I became obsessed with changing by body. I was sick of looking that was and feeling mediocre.

 There’s working out and there’s working out. I’m talking about training with INTENT! With the intention of losing the man boobs and completely transforming your body  . Like I did here...

...gaining the confidence to step on stage in front of hundreds of spectators, photographers, and judges in my first ever men’s physique competition. 
‘LEANER & STRONGER - The Busy Man's Body Blueprint' is a step by step training programme dedicated specifically to help busy, worn out men lose the belly, build muscle, whist increasing confidence, energy, and performance with noticeable results in the first 21 days. 

There is so much potential within you that you don’t even know about yet...

Potential that you can only see when you step up and raise your standards. Your body is a representation of you. If your body is fat, it’s because you have the mindset of a fat person. It’s you who makes the choice to eat the food you eat. It’s you who makes the decision to not workout. If you have mindset of a championship winning athlete it’s highly likely you’ll have the body to reflect this. 

When you upgrade your body you upgrade all areas of your life. 

How would losing the gut and the man boobs impact your life?

How would you act and feel if you had a firmer pecs, a lean flat stomach, big wide shoulders, and had endless supplies of energy? How would you walk and talk? How many more deals would you close? 

Imagine having the confidence to approach the woman of your dreams without feeling like you’re punching above your weight? 

I’m not saying you’ll do all of this in this programme but this is your turning point that will get you moving in the right direction, give you all the tools you need, without the years of trial and error of learning what works like I had to go through.  

I obsessed over this for years, so you don't have to.

That said, let's get into it…

Here's exactly what you're getting...
  • LOSE THE BELLY... without giving up all your favourite foods... Yes you can still eat bread, pasta, sugar, and have the odd glass of wine and a beer. We'll show you a simple tweak to reduce your calories, and still eat all your favourite foods without any restrictions.
  • KNOW EXACTLY 'WHAT TO EAT', WHEN TO EAT' TO BUILD MUSCLE FAST... 75% of a muscle growth is what you're putting in your mouth. I show you exactly what to eat, when to eat to ensure you're getting enough of the right nutrients to put your body into an anabolic state 24 hours a day. 
  • NATURALLY INCREASE TESTOSTERONE WITHOUT DRUGS...Testosterone is the big domino! The higher your testosterone, the stronger you will become. You'll find it easier to build muscle and and less likely to retain stubborn fat. We'll show you how to get the testosterone levels of a 20 year old without steroids. 

  • THE WORKOUTS TO BUILD SLEEVE BUSTING ARMS IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS PER WEEK: Every month you'll receive the workouts that will get you noticeable gains in muscle size whilst reducing your waistline. I'll be showing you exactly what exercises to do to progressively change the shape of your body.... exercises I've tried and tested for almost 20 years that will work your muscles from every angle using a variety of different training techniques, leaving no stone unturned when in comes to building a lean defined physique.
  • AVOID FRUSTRATING PLATEAUS SO PROGRESS NEVER SLOWS OR STALLS AGAIN... You'll receive new programmes every single month so your body can't get used to doing the same thing all the time, plus we'll show you exactly what to do when you stop seeing changes with our plateau busting F.I.T.R Formula.
This Program Is Easy to Follow and Designed to Get You Results Fast!
There’s no fluff, no fillers and no wasting time!
All of the workouts are under 30 minutes, and each of the training modules is under 20 minutes, to make sure you get what you need and you can action fast.

Each module gives you an action step that can almost instantly be implemented for super fast results.

You 100% do not need to be a gym junkie who eats white fish and brown rice out of tupperware every 3 hours to make LEANER & STRONGER work.

You can get started right away, and potentially...
Start Reducing the belly immediately


Join The 'LEANER & STRONGER' Now And Receive The Following Bonuses Worth $761 For FREE: 

This is how I used to look on the left. I had man boobs and a belly, and rock bottom self esteem. I don' t even know how this picture was taken considering I hardly took my t-shirt off in public.

Then we have the picture on the right, oozing in confidence, wanting to get my t-shirt off in front of the camera for professional photoshoots, and step on stage to compete against some of the best bodies in the world. 

What a difference! 

I'm not saying this program is going to make you look like me. But I can say; the day I picked up a dumbbell and decided to transform my body, was the day that changed my life forever. It gave me access to a new level of certainty in myself and opened up doors in my business and life that would have remained locked if I didn't take action. 
BONUS 1: 'No Equipment HIT 4 Workouts' Worth $67
We know how busy and fast paced your lifestyle is. Sometimes even making time for a 30 minute workout in the gym can be challenging. Especially when travelling. 

Workout anytime any place with our ‘No Equipment HIT4 Workouts'. Shred through belly fat in your hotel room, in the office, or any place you like, using ONLY your own body weight and in as little as 4 minutes. 
BONUS 2: ' 1 x 1-1 COACHING CALL' Worth $397
The real transformation happens on the coaching call (Usually only available for my 121 mentorship clients).This is where my 1-1 clients experience their biggest breakthroughs and why they invest thousands to work with me. This is our opportunity to ‘e-meet’ and deep dive into your goals and immerse yourself into your transformation. 

We’ll smash through all your obstacles and look at what you’ve tried in the past and why you might have failed before. You’ll leave the call with a success plan, full of certainty and clarity around what you need to do and what will work for you. 
"You are what you eat". You’ve probably heard that you can’t out train a bad diet. And nutrition contributes to 75% of the results you’re going to get from the gym. One of the biggest challenges my clients face is knowing what to eat on the go. So I put together this cheat sheet with 67 different healthy high protein, low calorie lunches, so you can walk into any take out place and know exactly what to get. It even includes Starbucks and KFC. It only made sense to include this training to add even more certainty to your results. Everything I've put together recognises that you're a busy guy who isn't a gourmet chef, and doesn't want to eat rabbit food all day...

You’re going to get amazing results even if you only use this training as a stand alone. 
How EXCITED are you knowing that you are just weeks away from a LEANER & STRONGER physique?...
... Imagine the difference this will make to your life. Having a stronger, fitter, leaner, body, and no more belly and man boobs.

How much more confidence will you have? 

Imagine walking down the beach and girls heads are turning, while their fellas looking on in envy. 

Imagine pulling on that tight muscle fit t-shirt and like what you see in the mirror. How would your life be better?

You’ve seen the guys who look the part, and have that swag, and the guys who feel inferior and just hide away in the background. 

But with all this awesome value, and the chance to make a serious change, you’re probably worried that you are going to be asked for thousands of dollars, and while you know that would be worth every penny, maybe it’s not something you want to lay out for right now.

Well the good news is that it’s not in the thousands. 

But before we get to the investment here’s what I want you to consider...

What is it costing you to stay where you are?

What is it costing you to NOT to show up as the best version of yourself?

What is it costing you and your family?

What is it costing you in health, and in your precious time. Time that you'll never get back?

What's it costing you in lost income?

If you had your ideal body, what level of confidence would that give you?

You see…

The biggest expense we have in life is not so much what we spend, our biggest expense is the time we waste.

Time wasted on not doing something about this sooner.

Can you see that?

With the amount of value I've packed into this program, I could quite easily charge $3000 for this. That's what you'd have to invest to work with me personally... And it would be worth every penny. 

I know I would have paid anything to get rid of my man boobs, at the time. 

But i'm not asking for anywhere near that.

The investment for The Busy Mans Body Blueprint will be $297 per month

But i'm not even asking for that...

As an introductory offer... you can get on board the programme today and get the first week for FREE!

Then it's just $197 per month there after. And you can cancel your subscription anytime... even in the first week. 

That's right... Try some of the workouts, watch some of the training, RISK FREE at no cost!

And if its not for you, that's perfectly fine, no hard feelings. 

It really is a no brainer!

“But Ed…”, you may be thinking, “I’ve invested in other fitness products before, or seen others do so, and while I know your stuff works – I’ve seen the testimonials - I’ve been burnt/seen others get burnt before...”

And I get ya – I’m just like you. I'm careful where I spend my money...

So here's my 'Iron-Clad Guarantee'…
Our Iron-Clad Guarantee
Can I propose something?
An iron-clad pact between the two of us:

You get in my proven training, to help you get the dream physique in way less time than it took me.. You follow my process... And if for ANY REASON you aren't 100% happy any time in the next 30 days... I'll simply refund your entire investment.

What can I say? I like to lay my head on my pillow at night with a guilt-free conscience. I rest easy knowing I did good by you.

The only *catch* is... I expect you to do the same, and meet me half way with your full commitment, and promise me to follow the program to the letter.

That way, with this guarantee, you've everything to gain and nothing to lose.
YES, I'm ready to lose the belly and man boobs, gain more muscle, confidence, energy, and focus...

... and I want to save over 30% off the normal investment of $297 per month..

... plus get the bonus worth $761 for free
...our first goal is to get you noticeably firmer muscle tone and a 4-5lbs weight loss in the first 21 days. 
30 Day Guarantee
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
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